Religiosas María Inmaculada

P. India, new academic year begins...

As the new academic year begins we elect new 4 leaders. They are the leaders of the four different houses.  We also have Head girl and the assistance head girl who assist this team under the guidance of sisters and teachers. They are called:

1. Red house whose patron is St. Vicenta Maria and the motto of students belong this house is to spared love by reaching out to far beyond their home and neighborhood to the least of her brother and sisters with sincere heart like St. Vicenta Maria. 

2. Green house whose patron is Mary Immaculate and this house focus on peace. The students imitate their model that is Queen Peace (Regina Pacis) they pray for peace in the world and try to become the channel of peace in their own houses and in the school.

3. Yellow house whose patron is St. Ignatius of Loyola. They focus on integrity & as St. Ignatius always seeked God in everything, the student s try to imitate the same in their day today’s life.

4. Blue house whose patron is St. Joseph. The students belong to this house practice simplicity as their motto and their approach towards the life is simple living and high thinking.

The students who are elected as the leaders take solemn oath of leadership and its responsibility, and this is called investiture ceremony. Each house demands to practice the values of honesty, dignity respect, kindness and helpfulness.  Each house celebrates the feast of their patron saint.

On this occasion Sr. Beena felicitated the students with their parents of STD. Xth who have stood first in the school.