Religiosas María Inmaculada

Bears the seal of the Ignatian Spirituality, assimilated by Vicenta Maria in the Spiritual Exercises, the forge of her spirit
Const. 4



The mystery of the Incarnation that unites us to the Trinity contemplating with its gaze the world in order to save it; that identifies us with Jesus, “poor and humble”

We are LINKED with the youth

While evangelizing, we journey with them in their process of human maturity, faith and sanctification


Contemplative in action

We search for and try to find God in all things, with a continuous attitude of thanksgiving



We try to “bring out the good in whatever way we can from the existing evil, (DM 6) through the preventive style that springs up from the merciful love of God.


Committed with the current realities

in order to collaborate in the building of a more humane, just, caring and Christian world