Religiosas María Inmaculada

When I see the youth happy, my heart overflows with joy
Saint Vicenta María



The start of the social and Christian action developed by the Congregation has its origin in Mr. Manuel Maria and Mrs. Maria Eulalia Vicuña, uncle and aunt of our Foundress, Vicenta Maria, who were thoughtful people, and moved by the needs of the young girls who came to Madrid to work in the domestic service



The difficulty of giving continuity to the Work with the young girls, called and demanded the attention of Vicenta Maria, because of its distinctive features and characteristics



In her personal search of the will of God, she recognized the call to surrender her life in order to ensure the greater glory of Him, and to give answer to this need of the time, with a phrase that defines it: “The girls have won”



With a charity closed to martyrdom that buried in silence the honor of the persons, she faced a great loss of capital with a complete trust in the Providence, without diverting or modifying the welcoming and the dedication to the young girls



Her death, in Madrid on December 26, 1890, at the young age of forty- three years old, left open in the Congregation an immense apostolic field that today expands to four continents



She was beatified by Pope Pius XII on February 19, 1950 and canonized by Pope Paul VI on May 25, 1975