Religiosas María Inmaculada

My God, what I want is to work tirelessly so these young ones live well and be saved.
Saint Vicenta María


religious Congregation
dedicated to the Youth
with others
religious Congregation

we are a Catholic Religious Congregation of Pontifical Right, founded by Saint Vicenta María López y Vicuña, in Madrid, on the 11th of June,1876

dedicated to the Youth

we work with and for Young girls, primariy we care for those women who find themselves in a situation of greater vulnerability

with others

in the church and in society, an apostolic body that grows in shared misión, formed by consecrated women, laity and open to other related institutions

FoundressEncouraging the young girls and boys

Saint Vicenta María López y Vicuña

Navarra 1847 - Madrid 1890

RMI throughout the worldIt is present in four continents

Bearing the Gospel’s joy to 21 countries

123 communities opening their doors